Friday, 16 March 2018

Quick burst!

A bright and sunny afternoon and we decide to go to Plan d’eau at Marville but as we approach and arrive there is little sun and the grey and black clouds are building with just a crack or two of blue.  We had driven away from the sun and that dratted wind was again blowing!

I loosen my scarf for the pic but soon wrap it around my neck again!

The swan soon arrived at the bank - but was quickly chased off by the second one!  And there were we thinking they were a united pair...

A brief stop, then we headed back towards the sun and home.

Not quite in the blue...

...but the fields are looking greener after all the watering the've had.

In parts, the ground is still water-logged.

Some strange cloud marking, but it's blue!
Just another little outing but we enjoyed the quick burst of sunshine and activity.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Sunny lull

After several yet more grey, cold, wet days it was lovely to see the sunshine today accompanied by warmer temperatures.  The surrounding hills glowed and birdsong was in the air.  All a real lift to the spirits. We set off to Verdun to a supermarket for a light lunch and for supplies and afterwards to the canal-side at Vacherauville.  

Unfortunately, by the time we parked by the canal, the forecasted east wind had decided to make an early entrance so it was a briefer stop there than we had hoped.

The canal and river run closely at this point.

Basically, if your dog doesn't clear up after himself it's down to you!

Nevertheless although this seems to be just a lull in the wintry weather it was very welcome and a promise of better days to come - even if there is a return to wintry conditions in the meantime.

Good to see sunshine rather than snow in the forests on the ridge!


Sunday, 11 March 2018

Rain - again

The previous sunshine didn't last long and soon returned to grey skies, blustery, cold winds and rain. Water-logged ground overflows into puddles with no time for them to dry out.  However, over the past couple of days, the bitterly-cold east wind has disappeared and now a lesser south-east wind brings belts of rain.  To say the ground here is squelchy is an understatement!

Sunday morning and with a seeming lull in the rain we decide to pick up our ordered bread and Sunday-treat croissants from the baker's, visit a nearby lake to eat our breakfast and do some re-cycling on the way home. As we go outside we discover a drizzle of rain but head off in the car anyway. 

By the time we arrive at Les Ballestieres, the raindrops become fatter and fall more quickly. We view the lake through the rain-spotted windscreen, eat our croissants and then head for home. The re-cycling can wait until another, hopefully-drier, day.

Oh well, at least it was a change of scene for a short while!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Glorious sunshine…

Tuesday - a dry, bright day, cold but no wind.  This morning we took a drive to Plan d'eau at Marville.

The ground is still water-logged in parts but some water has drained away. The countryside is looking green but with some stubborn snow lingering on some hillsides…

Birds are enjoying the lake and a swan spots us and comes directly to the bank…

Ice still clings to the top of a large stone at the lakeside.

Two storks have taken up residence in a nest on top of a pole in Vitaraville…

There seems to be a breath of Spring in the air and we return home feeling refreshed.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Snow - and sunshine!

Thursday.  Early-morning temperature of wonder the snow has still hung around.  But the sun is shining!  The temperature reached the giddy heights of  -1C by midday.

Mid-morning we set off to where the three countries meet…France, Belgium and the Duchy of Luxembourg. No borders as such, of course, just notices at the side of the roads.

Parts are still covered in snow, others clear but distant views somewhat hazy.

Approaching Pillon

Approaching Longuyon

On the way back home between Azannes...

...and Damvillers.
Old windmill at Azannes... windmills at Tellancourt
Strange cloud formations.

It may be cold and still snowy but how wonderful to see sunshine!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wintry scenes

Wednesday afternoon - a quiet day, just 04C and no sun.  A lot of the snow has remained but at least not added to.  We took a drive through he wintry landscape…

...from Damvillers towards Etraye...then over a ridge of the Meuse Heights to Consenvoye, through Marre, Charny-sur-Meuse, Bras-sur-Meuse to Douamont...

Anyone for a picnic? Well the table coverings are snowy white!

...then back home via Bras-sur-Meuse and Vacherauville, returning via a different ridge of the Meuse Heights.

Indoors, we raise a glass of bubbly to the memory of our daughter on what would have been her 50th birthday. Cheers, my darling  - God bless.