Thursday, 15 June 2017

Summer storm

mid afternoon
the storm moved into town
grey mists of rain
swished down the streets
fierce flashes of lightning lit the sky
thunder crashed
fat drops of rain lashed
hailstones rattled glass
left me pondering -
how come ice formed in the heat?
I searched, so now I know - and you can too!

(not my photo - I stayed indoors out of the way!) 

in the night

it came in the night
fierce, flaming tongues licked the walls
no warning

Grenfell Tower
North Kensington
14th June 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017

Return to Longvilliers

Last week we returned to Longvilliers in Pas de the delightful cottage here

Again the weather was mixed - very hot for the first two days, then wet, cold and very high winds for a couple of days, then, thankfully, a return to warm and dry days although the sea took a bit longer to calm down...

Bright and breezy at Sainte-Cécile.

We enjoyed the rest and relaxation - and, again, the fish and chips at √Čtaples!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


 A nice surprise in the garden this morning...

We took picnic chairs and books to our favourite lakeside corner for a while this afternoon.  In a  semi-shaded spot, it was good to be out in the fresh air, enjoy the scenery and listen to the birds.

An Egyptian goose not keen on being photographed!

The peace was a little shattered at times by six youngsters with three small motorbikes when the girl squealed or the bikes were ridden along the pathway across the other side of the lake, beyond which is a second lake.  But, mostly, they were just ‘hanging out’, quietly chatting, laughing, some taking a dip in the far lake and it was lovely to relish how wonderful it was that they had the freedom to do that without the fear of devastating disruption as experienced by the many youngsters out enjoying themselves in Manchester at the weekend.

We should cherish our freedom, be thankful for it and pray for those who do not have it.  So many have been destroyed by warped minds with such tragic results when all they wanted was to enjoy living life in peace and freedom.

Bright poppies cheer and bring hope for the freedom of all.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

50th Twinning Anniversary - 4.

Sunday afternoon...
We didn't get a couple of hours of peace after all - just 45 minutes before sound-checks/rehearsal by a different group of live musicians.

So - on to the afternoon's activities...

At 2.00.p.m., a total of 350 participants in a parade of bands, adults and children, horses, tractors, trailers - led of course by Les Grognards with their drums and very loud cannon! - left the secondary-school gymnasium, down the main road and into centre ville.  As each group arrived at the roundabout that links the two places was introduced, over a mic, applauded and if music was involved they performed and were applauded again.  But the organisers had got the timing spot on as the parade ended, as planned, at 3.30.p.m. There was then a release of balloons into the blue sky, the benches were soon filled, the low wall around the statue used by the overflow, the bar van and refreshments bar opened, while some of the bands again entertained from the dance floor before vocal groups took to the stage.

Jules Bastien-Lepage paintings.

The German band delighted all with La Marseillaise..

Ron decided to get into the carnival spirit.

Country & Western dancers.

We had a little dance to their "Brazil".

At 5 o'clock "Hymn of Joy" was sung from the stage by Damvillois la Chanterie and the delegation of Zierenberg - and very good they were too but without microphones and with the constant buzz of the crowd one had to be near to hear, which was a shame as they deserved that wider audience.

Immediately afterwards, the disco music returned...and everybody could hear that!

Also the visitors from Belgium and Germany departed but the "locals" stayed to let the celebrations continue.

Seems as it may be another late and noisy night for us if we were to stay at home but we have been invited to nearby friends for a BBQ in their garden.  No doubt we'll still hear the music - but at a distance.

One thing's certain - Damvillers really knows how to party and have done the Twinning Association proud.

p.s. Soon after 9p.m. the music quietened to unaccompanied, quieter classic French songs sounding lovely on the evening air and by 9.30.p.m. the celebrations were at an end.