Thursday, 19 October 2017

Third Time Lucky!

A beautiful, sunny day - 27C - and, Yes!, at the third attempt we found the monument in the forest that extends from Juvigny to Mouzay.

We headed north to Jametz, then left on the Stenay road.  The above signpost beckoned us again and we drove down the main forest road we used on the first foray and remembered a forest-path crossroads, about the stated 1 (kilometre?) where there was a small signpost with nothing on it.  We pulled into the wider mouth on the right-hand side and the surrounding forest looked so pretty with the sun shining down through the trees.

Then, in the distance by zooming in on the camera, I could see what looked like steps, or perhaps a ladder.  Our curiosity peaked, we went to have a closer look.  The pathway was covered in brown and yellowing leaves which crunched underfoot.  A breeze blew in the tree tops and golden leaves tumbled like snow flakes onto our heads and shoulders.  And, there, at the end, where other forest paths trailed out of the small clearing, the “missing” monument!  What I had thought from a distance were steps was the carved stone on the side of the monument.  Sadly, it is in a rather poor state but we could see the names of the Maquisards who died on this spot 4th August 1944.

The monument is in the middle at the end of this path.

I am tempted to point out the deficiencies to the area’s tourism officer - difficult when you are a foreigner in a foreign land but it is sad to see it go into decline, especially after the prominent sign post on the main road although that too, on the Stenay side, is also in poor repair.

We drove back onto the main road, did a dog-leg left-right, through Quincy, Han and Juvigny, and the stunning countryside, onto the same main road and back towards Jametz then Damvillers.

These brief shots can only be an indication of the beauty throughout this vast area which, even after ten years, takes us by surprise.

But I'm pleased we found the monument!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

October in centre ville.

The town trees were pollarded last week - it keeps their shape and means no leaves to sweep up!  With the disappearance of the leaves, I took my camera out this afternoon, in hot sunshine, to capture the flowers in the town centre before they too disappear…

Post Office car park

Place Liegois by the Mairie.

Between place Marechal Gérard and place de la Déese

Small roundabout with flower bed below statue of Marechal Gérard

As above from the other side

The last rose of summer?
Some of the flowers and grasses are "going over" but the town still looks colourful.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Indian Summer.

What a bonus these past few days have been! Warm sunshine, bright blue skies 30C today - amazing weather for October and a real “Indian Summer”.

We spent a very pleasant couple of hours this afternoon by the big lake at  Les ballastières.  We sat in the sunshine, read our books, took a stroll on the wide bank between two of the three lakes, sat and read some more and just r-e-l-a-x-e-d.

Outlook from our chairs.

The hills of Horagne and Romagne overlook  Les ballastières

Views of...
...the other lake.


...across the main lake.
The bank...

...between the two lakes.

The grass and clover on the bank was very wet!


The countryside wrapping itself around Damvillers - north of the town.

To the west.... the east, trees and shrubs along the boundary of  Les ballastières

Lovely autumn colours.

Coming into town from the north.

This ends this little series - and that's a wrap!

Monday, 16 October 2017

Return to Vacherauville.

For mid-October a bonus day - beautiful, warm and sunny, in the high 20Cs.

We returned to the canal side at Vacherauville and walked towards Charny-sur-Meuse…

We were unable to go all the way although that may have been possible had there been any benches along the way on which to take a break.  Never mind, using our walking sticks (and paracetomol in my case!) we were able to go further than we have for some time. We were encouraged by the weather and the pretty surroundings.  After about 20 minutes we turned back and headed for the picnic table by the small car park for our sandwiches-and-fruit lunch.

We hadn't intended to go that way anyway!

We returned via the Meuse Heights which is looking lovely in its Autumn colours...

These few shots don't really do it justice but, hopefully, gives a flavour of the sights...just multiply many, many times!