Sunday, 11 March 2018

Rain - again

The previous sunshine didn't last long and soon returned to grey skies, blustery, cold winds and rain. Water-logged ground overflows into puddles with no time for them to dry out.  However, over the past couple of days, the bitterly-cold east wind has disappeared and now a lesser south-east wind brings belts of rain.  To say the ground here is squelchy is an understatement!

Sunday morning and with a seeming lull in the rain we decide to pick up our ordered bread and Sunday-treat croissants from the baker's, visit a nearby lake to eat our breakfast and do some re-cycling on the way home. As we go outside we discover a drizzle of rain but head off in the car anyway. 

By the time we arrive at Les Ballestieres, the raindrops become fatter and fall more quickly. We view the lake through the rain-spotted windscreen, eat our croissants and then head for home. The re-cycling can wait until another, hopefully-drier, day.

Oh well, at least it was a change of scene for a short while!


  1. Sometimes, recycling just has to wait, but kudos to you for getting out, however briefly.

  2. Thanks, Alison! Quicker than we planned but any outing, however brief, is welcome.