Sunday, 6 August 2017

Fete des Arts 2017

Once again, the private parkland of Les Rainettes was open to the public for the Fete des Arts when artists are invited to come, set up their easels and paint - as did Jules Bastien-Lepage, the painter who was born in Damvillers and who was a leading artist in the plein-air movement.

I find a bench in shade!

Black carp swim in the long narrow lake.

I felt a little unsafe coming down this steep and stony path! I went back up on the other side of the park - still stony but stepped so a bit easier to negotiate!!

Patricia was there to accompany herself on accordion as she sang traditional French songs to entertain painters and visitors alike as she wandered around the grounds.

A bar was available and stalls for artisans;  also a small display of classic cars in the adjacent hotel car park.

It was hot and sunny and this beautiful park is an ideal setting for this lovely summer event.  I arrived early afternoon and many others started to gather as I left.

I took my walking stick and was out for an hour and although my back ached it did not go into spasm - yay!  I take any small victories when I can…


  1. That looks a wonderful place for wandering, for sitting and sketching. Lovely lively photos, and I'm glad your back held out!

  2. Me too! Thanks very much, Alison - I think you and Harry would love it.